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Grieving Rituals

The mourning customs in Germany have changed in the last decades partly very strongly. In the past, the relatives of the deceased wore mourning clothes throughout the entire period of mourning, but nowadays this is only customary on the day of the funeral.With modern types of burial, such as meadow burial or air burial, tombstones and opulent ceremonies are often omitted. Instead of a clergyman (minister), many today alternatively order a freelance funeral speaker.

Modern mourning rituals include, for example, the planting of a memorial tree, obituaries, bereavement letters or a virtual memorial page for the deceased on the Internet. Also common in dealing with grief is grief counseling by a psychotherapist or a support group for the bereaved.

Mourning pile

A black ribbon (textile ribbon) is generally used as a mourning pile, which is attached to the clothing as a small bow. The mourning pile is intended to express sympathy for the loss suffered and one's own consternation. The mourning pile is usually worn by friends and close acquaintances of the deceased, who were not directly related to him. The mourning pile is a symbol of mourning and remembrance.

Mourning veil

Similar to the mourning veil, the mourning veil represents the loss of a close person, such as a husband or parents, and is worn as an expression of mourning. It protects its wearer from showing the emotion of the moment too openly and is mainly worn by widows or orphaned children.

Funeral procession

The funeral procession, also called the funeral cortege, is the procession of mourners on the way to the burial of the deceased. The funeral procession accompanies the coffin or urn from the cemetery to the grave and is part of the mourning ritual. At a Christian funeral, a confirmand or altar boy usually leads the funeral procession. The altar bearer carries the cross.

Memorial stones

Memorial stones belong to the category of gravestones. They are a popular grave decoration and offer versatile design possibilities. The stones can be decorated with inscriptions (e.g. poems) and, for example, small angels.

Letters to deceased

Writing letters to a deceased person is a popular way to express your grief. In such a letter you can write everything that you would have liked to say to the deceased, but could not.


An obituary is a written tribute to someone who has recently died. Obituaries can be published in local newspapers or on appropriate Internet portals.