Bestatter Chemnitz

Diamond Burial Chemnitz

Diamond burial is not a type of burial in the true sense, but rather the creation of a lasting memory of the deceased.

Since in Germany a burial of human remains on a designated area is mandatory, diamond burial is generally not permitted. In order to nevertheless have a diamond burial carried out, a transfer to a foreign country (Switzerland or Holland) is necessary, where this form of burial is permitted by law. A diamond is then created from part of the ashes as part of the refinement process, which represents a memory of the deceased for eternity. The other part of the ashes of the deceased is buried in the traditional manner in an urn in a cemetery.

During the refinement process, a diamond between 0.4 and 1 carat in size is created, usually with a slight bluish glow. However, the exact color depends on the boron content of the ash, so each diamond is unique.