Bestatter Chemnitz

Forest Burial Chemnitz

A forest burial is an alternative form of burial that has become established in Germany since the mid-1990s. For more and more people, the option of burial in the forest is an appealing alternative to the usual types of burial, such as burial in the ground or cremation. Interested parties can choose the location of their final resting place in the forest while they are still alive.

Many people see this type of burial as a particularly dignified form of farewell, as the forest environment radiates a special atmosphere (peace, harmony, etc.). A forest burial takes place in specially designated forest areas, usually mixed forests or oak forests.

The ashes of the deceased are placed in an urn directly to the roots of a tree, where the deceased finds his final resting place. Graveside care is provided by nature and the ashes are absorbed by the tree's roots over time, becoming part of nature's eternal cycle.

A forest burial is possible, for example, in a designated FriedWald® or a resting forest.

Cemetery forests and rest foresters near Chemnitz

Altenburger Str.
08396 Waldenburg
Zwickauer Land Forest Cemetery
Ringstraße 24b
08132 Mülsen
Schönburger Land Forest Cemetery
Schettlermühle 2
09337 Callenberg
Erzgebirge Forest Cemetery
Auer Straße 102
08315 Lauter-Bernsbach